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After the change of political and economic situation in the Central and Eastern Europe it was necessary to focus on chaged export conditions and new qualitative customers demands. Newly created private joint-stock company handled this situation and sustained its position on foreign markets.The whole malt production, thanks to its achieved quality, is exported mainly to Ukraine, Romania, Russia, Moldavia, Azerbaidzhan, Poland.


The management of our company invest in technological malt production modernization and in improvement of working conditions for employees. It pays special attention to high-quality mutual supplier-customer relationships while in business strategy it emphasizes flexible solving of our partners requirements.

At the present time Sladovňa, a.s. Michalovce produces 30,000 tonnes of light Pilsner type malt a year, gained from breeded malt barley from certified selective malting varieties such as Malz, Ebson, Jersey and Prestige according to the European Catalogue of varieties and seeds.. These have already been included into farmers plans.