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Zemplín region used to be and still remains a typical agrarian, agricultural and food region. In the past the agriculture was the only source of living of population which reflected economic development history of the whole region. The cereal processing – the wheat and barley processing belonged to the important activities in interconnection on agricultural production.

The history of the malt-house in Michalovce dates back to 1961 when the building of its construction started. It introduced malt production in 1965 and since then it has been a typical inseparable part of food industry in Zemplin region.
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With its capacity of 45,000 tonnes of malting barley, it belongs to the biggest malt producers in the Slovak Republic. From the very beginning our company produced the quality malt of Czech type mainly for export. Until 1989 it was known not only in Hungary, Poland, the former Soviet Union and Yugoslavia, but also for beer producers in Brazil, Venezuela, Angola, Albania and Cuba.

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