Quality Print
en-iso-9001-2008.jpg haccp_2013.jpg The management of our company pays special attention to quality in all sectors of production. Step by step the European norms are adapted into the Quality Management. Since 2002 Sladovňa, a.s. holds the Certificate of QMS System of Quality Management according to the EN ISO 9001 : 2000 in cooperation with the certified programme HACCP. This certificate has been awarded to us in January 2005 and serves for the production of malt and trading with malting barley, malt and wastes from malt production. Both certificates were issued by the certified company SGS Slovakia spol. s r.o. Košice subsidiary company of SGS International Certification Services EESV Belgium.
Sladovňa a.s. is also the holder of two foreign certificates for products GOST-U and GOST-R. They confirm that our products satisfy the legislative recquirements of Russia and the Ukraine for quality and safety.
Both certificates were issued by certificated authorities of the Ukraine and Russia. To obtain these certificates it was necessary to have the quality of our malt and technology of our production tested by competent officers of foreign control authorities.

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As a certification of our high quality malt are also the awards obtained on the 13th, 14th and 15th international contract-sale fairs „BEER 2004“, „BEER 2005“ and „BEER 2006“. The fair is usually organised in Sochi (port in the Black See) in Russia (www.soud.ru).

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