Employee care Print
Sladovňa, a.s. management focuses special attention on creating of good working conditions for its employees and on the implementation of such a social policy which leads to the harmonization of working life with family life. This policy results from the principle according to which only satisfied employees perform well, when they kow that there are good working conditions as well as that their families are well taken care of. That´s why the company has invested a lot in the improvement of working conditons since its transformation in 1998 and has achieved top parameters in this field. Good financial evaluation, helpful social program and opportunities of constant professional growth have reflected the noticable qualitative change in employees structure and their stabilization. A good example of this is our Sales Department where university educated managers with excellent foreign language knowledge are able to communicate with clients from different parts of the world.
Well-proven ways of working with family lives harmonization are family holidays, International Childrens´Day celebrations, sport events, fair visits, exhibition visits etc. Special attention is paid to equal opportunities for men and women which is represented by high number of women in top management positions.

Leasure activities
The company focuses on the trade proficiency and eployees eligibility to carry out their work but we also don´t neglect relaxation and leisure time which can contribute to better working performance.